Latest Issue February 22, 2020
The 9th Door



To the Ladies: Moving on from Heartbreak

It might be the love month, but some ladies are mending their broken hearts right now. There might be those who finally confessed their love for someone only to find

doctors and medical staff

Ways Around It: The Fear of Doctors Is Real

When something doesn’t feel right with your body, do you immediately set an appointment with the doctor? Or like most people, do you search Google for your symptoms? There, you’ll


Pest control

5 Pests to Get Rid of for a Better Harvest

Pests (or bugs) are among the top causes of dismal crop yields in Australia’s farms and perhaps in most countries all over the world. In fact, it is estimated that

septic tanks in lawnn yard

Types of Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems

Churning of wastewater is not something you can avoid on your property irrespective of how much you will try. To this end, several technologies now exist for the treatment of


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