Latest Issue February 22, 2020
The 9th Door



orthopedic doctor speaking to patient

The Most In-Demand Healthcare Jobs

The field of medicine is full of employment opportunities for prospective job seekers. In 2019, healthcare accounted for almost 18% of the United States’ GDP, which makes it one of the

watching television

Documentaries That’ll Show You the World

At a time like this, there is no chance of traveling outside the country any time soon. But just because you can’t leave your homes doesn’t mean you can’t explore


climate change effects

Surprising Ways You Can Cut Your Carbon Footprint

The widespread fires in California, the extreme hurricanes in Alabama and Georgia, and the extreme heat in Arizona—these are some of the most devastating natural disasters that the U.S. experienced


woman studying at home

4 Tips for the Busy Adult Student

Education does not have to stop as soon as you graduate college. You will be able to learn more things as you grow up, which could be helpful in your

man studying concept

Further Studies Essentials: The Study Area

Further studies are intense. If in college, you had the time — and sometimes the courage — to choose parties over studies, further studies tell you to sit down. It’s

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